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All about Iain

Q - Who's your favorite band or artist?

A - Jimi Hendrix and Muse.

Q - Favorite food?

A - Curry (a good hot one).

Q - What do you like doing when you're not doing the band thing?

A - Spending some time with my son James and doing the family's great.

Q - What's your favorite song from 2010?

A - stone sour - say you'll haunt me.

Q - What's the last album you bought?

A - Audio Secrecy by stone sour (I give it 5 stars out of 5).

Q - what's your favorite Youtube clip?

A - Snatch Wars all the way (not for the kids this one): View

Q - who has been your biggest influence?

A - My family and friends as i think i would have given up before now.

Q - Favorite drink?

A - A drink i invented i call a shrek -

Vodka/Redbull/Blue bols

Q - what's your favorite website ?

A - (as i designed and built

oh and (as i designed and built that too)

Q - Top 5 Albums of all time?

A - 5. Fat of the land - Prodigy

4. Gasoline - Theory of a deadman

3. Absolution - Muse

2. The ultimate experiance - Jimi Hendrix

1. Rage against the machine - Rage against the machine

Q - Favorite film?

A - Enter the dragon - Bruce lee

Q - Apart from musician, What job would you most like to do?

A - storm chaser